Full-Time Pastoral Staff

Full-time pastors of Friendship Baptist Church have included: Ken Harris, Randy Maynard, Jeff Edwards, and Fred Brown, Adam Fleener served as our

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Fellowship Hall

As our church continued to grow, in 2003, we added the fellowship hall, kitchen and more classrooms.

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Ordaining Peter Mariga

In 1997, we ordained Peter Mariga, an immigrant from Kenya. Rev Mariga pastored a Kenyan congregation that met at Friendship on Sunday

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Growth, Sanctuary Extended

The church grew and we needed more room. In October of 1991, we extended the sanctuary, enlarged the stage and added more

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First Service in New Building

The association put us in contact with several church building mission groups. A crew from California came to put in the foundation.

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Home in Franklin

In the spring of 1988, we located a five-acre parcel of farmland for sale by the Williams Family in Franklin. The church

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Moved to Whiteland

From Greenwood, we moved to Whiteland, Indiana where we rented the 2 story building on U.S. 31 that previously housed a shoe

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Date of Charter

Sept. 12, 1982 was established as our date of charter and the church voted to extend the charter membership to November 14,

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